Dreaming of an internet without Google

I want to buy a Chromebook Pixel 2015. It’s made by Google, and therefore comes with Chrome OS and all the other software Google produces, but that’s not part of my decision to purchase, since I just want the hardware so I can install Linux on it. I’ve had a Macbook Pro since 2012, which […]

Can I delete my Skype account?

No, or at least not easily. They’d rather you just obfuscated your account details. If you actually want your handle removed, you must contact customer services. From Skype’s FAQ: Remove any personal details you provided. You can replace your details in the fields with random characters such as “qwerty” or “xxx” because empty fields cannot […]

Revert google.com/ncr (No Country Redirect)

If you’ve clicked the “Go to Google.com” link at the bottom of your local Google Search page, you may have found that all subsequent visits to google.com won’t redirect you to your local equivalent anymore. If you find this irritating (eg. you like to access your local Google by typing google in the address bar […]